Slowly But Surely!

(Late Post)

Evan Yang, Reporter

The progress of the musical, School Of Rock, is so far so good – though with just a few issues here and there. But regardless, the musical is seemingly on the right path towards production, and seeing as we’re only one month away from April!


In an interview with Cailet Reynolds, one of the actresses, she shares the details on what’s been happening backstage…


How are rehearsals coming along?

Rehearsals are slow n’ steady, and… long – but fun!


Where are we with the marketing campaign?

We are just about to put up posters and announcements on the newsletter – and the [daily announcements] through the entire school, as well as possibly posting it on social medias.


What’s the progress on the musical so far?

So far, we are struggling on… getting – having a full rehearsal with everybody here, but other than that, we are moving [right off].


Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Just that, this is gonna be one of the best musicals that I’ve been in!