Colonzing Mars PBL

Maya Fuentes, Reporter

Freshman english classes are learning primarily about the topic of colonizing Mars. Many students express worry about the overuse of the subject because they will be learning about it in most classes. While colonizing Mars can be interesting for a bit, will discussing it in almost every class begin to wear the topic out?

“I just feel that we will get bored of learning about this topic so much,” said freshman, Berlyn Whitlock.

Staff hopes that the connection of colonizing Mars will teach students about how the subjects can connect in real life and to encourage students to think about their relation to each other more often.

“I always look forward to variety in my classes and now we’re just focusing on different parts of colonizing mars.” Louie Cordova, a freshman, said.

Some teachers are only participating with the project for a short-time before they will move onto other topics.

“This topic was chosen because it is so broad and stretches across all our subjects.” Tabitha Lopez, freshman English teacher, said. “Colonizing Mars will most likely happen within students’ lifetimes which makes it relevant to them.”

Throughout their classes students are working on how Mars will affect colonizers’ health, population growth, social structures, and other vital parts to create a sustainable colony.These projects also help to encourage project based learning.

Ryan Ogi, social studies teacher, said, “We are trying to help prepare students for doing all PBL (project based learning) next year, it is going to implemented everywhere throughout Arvada High School.”

As students focus on colonizing Mars, they continue to ask themselves, How can humans create a sustainable off world colony?