Career Exploration

Oriana-Pearl Thomas

Hello future employees. Have you ever thought about living out your dreams in a big mansion and owning three yachts? Or maybe you thought about changing the world for the better by inventing new technologies to help the sick and disabled. Well, all students have the power to be able to do these things- you just need to have the necessary education that’s required in order to accomplish your dreams, plus a job that lets you have the money and experience to finally act out your goals.

However, before anyone can turn their dreams into reality, everyone has to follow one of the many rules in life: communication with other people. This is especially important for an employer because all students looking for a career need to be able to tell their boss if they need help or if there’s a problem. More often than not, communication will be a big reason why you’d be able to achieve your goals in the first place and if you get a job or not. A few of the best forms of communication is to send a message either by email or phone call. But even then, this is only the first step because almost anyone can ask for a job. You have to persuade your employer that you are better than anybody else and without you, their company would fall to pieces. This process is best used with a resume and a cover letter. A resume is a summary of all of the skills and experiences you’ve accumulated in your life so far and a cover letter is a formal introduction written for the express purpose of explaining your skills and personality to your employer. This is so the employers have an idea of who you are and whether or not you’re worthy of employment.

However, employers recently are looking towards a safer, sometimes more ethical means of labor: automation. Automation, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, is “The technique of making an apparatus, process or a system operate automatically.” A microwave heating food in a convenient, short amount of time for dinner is one example. There are over a thousand different instances of automation. Though it doesn’t just stop at making new inventions that can affect every day lives. Automation also aims to improve old inventions such as agriculture and plumbing, which are just a couple of the many essential demands needed for a society to be successful. Recently, rumors from social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube say that automation is a scary technological change that is replacing people with machines that can take away our jobs and make us obsolete. Those rumors are an over exaggeration, but they aren’t wrong. In the past, people have lost jobs due to automation. One example of this was the invention of the first true car in 1885 Germany by Karl Benz. After his invention, Karl essentially transformed how people travel on land. This outdated other forms of travel, like stagecoaches, over the course of the following decade.

Still, this specific invention gave rise to millions of new jobs in the automobile industry and created a new dominate enterprise that changed the world immeasurably. This sort of process will continue to happen indefinitely in some form or another. Don’t be scared of the world changing to something you’re not used to or comfortable with. Learn to adapt like the people before you and remember: be smart because life is hard, but it’s way harder if you’re naïve and simple-minded. Plus, it’s okay to pursue a career in whichever industry you’re the most passionate about because you will be more successful doing something you love.