A Challenge in Academics

Caleb Weingarten

At Arvada there are different types of classes that are available to students and each class has a distinct difficulty level. The honors classes in particular can pose a challenge to the students who take them.

“I like the challenge in the class,” freshman Nate Sartor. “When you are challenged it keeps you busy, and helps time go by faster.”

The workload is one thing that can change when taking an honors class. With more material being taught, both the classwork and homework increase. Yet with all the assignments comes a feeling of accomplishment, which helps motivate many of the students.

“They teach you more and there is more that has to be done as an honors student,” Sartor said. “When you do something challenging in an honors class you feel way more accomplished than you would in a regular class.”

Despite liking the challenge presented with each course, a higher level difficulty may also seem more daunting to those same students.

“Honors classes can be stressful for different reasons. Especially at the end of the year, the pressure can get stronger,” freshman Stephanie Medina said.

Overall, it takes a certain kind of mindset to pass these classes. It’s another mindset altogether take these classes without feeling any of the stress. Yet the effort these students put towards everything they do is worth it in the end. 

“Even if the class is stressful, it pays off if you do the hard work,” Medina said. “The pressure in honors classes seems like good pressure.”