A Winning Streak in Tennis

Fernanda Guerra

Tennis is a game of concentration, skill, and patience. With only a few matches left in the season, the Girls Tennis team has obtained a 6:3 winning record. Although this seems like a great record, many of the players believe that this isn’t the best that they could’ve done.

“We’ve had better seasons, everyone’s been really stressed out; mostly the seniors,” said junior Emilia Gordivas. 

The team really takes their time to practice the little things they need to get better. From playing against each other, the coaches, or the ball machine, all their hard work in practice pays off in their matches. However this still this isn’t enough for the team.

“It depends on what you need to work on to win our next match,” said junior Cece Paw.

 With great coaches, the team believes that if they work hard enough they can take the school to state. It is very clear that our girls have worked hard get this far, but with trying to keep a strong record and part of the team graduating, these girls have a lot on their plate.

“We are having a lot of seniors leave this year,” said sophomore Ana Gurrola.

Ignoring the stress and with the season going so well for the team, the team believes they will make it. Last year, five of their players made it to to state, which left the team with a doubles team and a singles player. So without a doubt, the Girls Tennis team will succeed in getting the school to state.