Inside Perspective of Girls Golf

Elicia Montoya

At Arvada there are many sports available to students during the winter and spring, one of which is Girls Golf coached by Kurt Castillo. Here’s a more personal look at senior Mercedes Montoya, one of the girls that participates in this sport.

“At first I joined golf as memorial for my brother, Cody, who passed away a few years ago because he loved  golf, but now I join for the fun of it,” said Montoya.

Golf for her was something to get away and be happy about. She was able to continue playing on for years. It was a place for Montoya  to get to know other students and have a good time. Golf helped her work on new skills, whether it was teamwork or learning how to swing.

“People should join golf because it’s a stress-free release,” said Montoya. “When you’re playing it’s quiet, you don’t have to worry about cheering or booing. It’s just you and the other players on your team and who you’re against.” 

Over all girls golf is a calm, relaxing sport for people who want to join. A game Montoya has been happy to play. Montoya gave a last few words of advice for fellow students who would want to join.

“If your about to hit the ball just keep your head down because if you pull you’re going to miss the ball…badly,” said Montoya.