Is it Difficult to Transition into Honors Classes?

Caleb Weingarten

Like most schools, Arvada has honors courses that are offered to the students. For some, transitioning to these classes can be difficult, but to others it can be no different from taking a regular class.

“At some point, you have to get used to being an honors student. Teachers will help that transition,” said freshman Fernanda Guerra.

Students are worried about how the teachers might treat them when they get into the classes. According to freshman Morgan Wertz, the transition to honors classes wasn’t hard because the teachers helped her ease into it. 

Most kids expect less help than they would get in the regular standard classes that are offered, which is true in some cases. It may also be difficult for students to complete the work and get used to faster-pace learning.

“Transitioning into honors, teachers are more strict when it comes to grading and dealing with behavior,” said Wertz.

Students in these classes have more freedom to choose how they do their work and to what degree they will need help with understanding the course material.

“Teachers let you kind of go on your own,” said Guerra. “They also expect more from you when they let you have more freedom.” 

Some kids feel like it’s more of a personal mindset to be in honors, than if the teachers are the ones responsible for what the students do and how they do it.

“If you were put in honors classes, they’re not meant to be hard, they’re are supposed to be at your level of thinking,” said freshman Emma McKinley.