Review: Top Video Games of the Fall

Sam Chastain, Reporter

Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone is a complex game of battle royale. Players can choose from several types of royale—Plunder: Blood Money, Original Battle Royale, Juggernaut Royale, Mini Royale, Buy Back Royale, Team Rumble, etc.

Upgrading weapons are a core part of Warzone to dominate and slay. The pros for this game would be how much fun and time-consuming it can be flying helicopters, driving cars. You can steal the enemies’ loot or equipment once you’ve eliminated them to have an advantage. The map is huge, with more than 10 locations. However, there are a lot of cheaters who shoot through walls and have Aim-bot: an automatic way to shoot enemies while locking on to them.

Rating: 5/5

Grand Theft Auto V

Criminal, that’s the best word to describe GTA, aka Grand Theft Auto. Stealing cars, robbing banks and making deals with drug lords, along with slaying people for dirty money. The pros for this game would be how much fun you can have smashing into cars shooting people, flying private jets and luxury helicopters. Robbing gas stations, doing jobs on the side for people, and more. The disadvantages for playing this game are gangs killing you for money and not having the capability to open an ATM to rob which really sucks.

Rating: 3/5

Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 is the story of an older Peter Parker who faces life challenges with Aunt May and locking up famous criminals back in the raft. The pros are the game has stunning graphics the sound affects that are so satisfying and the web swinging is out of this world. The disadvantage of the game is controlling Spider-Man. Sometimes the character glitches, and the controls don’t work right, leaving you to get trapped in a corner without the ability to move until you eventually die.

Rating: 4/5