Bell schedule for Finals Week

Oriana-Pearl Thomas

December 12, 2018

Hey Bulldogs, we got a new update for next week’s schedule for finals. Friday, December 21 is an optional makeup day. Students will not have to come to school that Friday. So students if you need to makeup a final, please sched...

Career Exploration

Oriana-Pearl Thomas

November 28, 2018

Hello future employees. Have you ever thought about living out your dreams in a big mansion and owning three yachts? Or maybe you thought about changing the world for the better by inventing new technologies to help the sick a...

New Schedule for the Semester

November 28, 2018

Hey Bulldogs! Starting on November 30th to December 14th, every Friday we’re having access time after your second hour. Classes on Friday will be shorter by 9 minutes. Students will have a 5 minutes passing period and MUST COME...

Arvada Festival with Culture

Arvada Festival with Culture

September 19, 2018

A Challenge in Academics

Caleb Weingarten

May 22, 2018

At Arvada there are different types of classes that are available to students and each class has a distinct difficulty level. The honors classes in particular can pose a challenge to the students who take them. “I like th...

Following In the Footsteps of Portugal

Lexy Morrison

May 8, 2018

The government of Portugal decriminalized drugs in 2001. Instead of treating them like criminals, the law now recognizes these people as troubled and struggling individuals. There is no criminal record or jail time for these p...

Is it Difficult to Transition into Honors Classes?

Caleb Weingarten

May 7, 2018

Like most schools, Arvada has honors courses that are offered to the students. For some, transitioning to these classes can be difficult, but to others it can be no different from taking a regular class. “At some point, you...

Fewer Students Means Fewer Options

Oriana-Pearl Thomas

April 5, 2018

Arvada hasn’t always been a small school. The museum in the front lobby is proof enough that this school once flourished and thrived with a student body count in the thousands. In recent years however, Arvada has been suffer...

Seniors’ Last Semester of High School

Cheyenne Zamora

April 2, 2018

The seniors of Arvada have been counting down the days until graduation! What are they gonna do next? Where are they gonna go? A couple of seniors talk about what their plans are and offer advice for future seniors. “I am ...

A New Way to Stay Healthy and Safe

Jemima Ngoma

March 23, 2018

Next year, a health clinic will be installed in the school to help the Arvada community. This particular clinic is unique because it is currently only being offered at Jefferson, Golden,  and Arvada High School. The main purpo...