Evan Debell(9) does not wear a mask.

Evan Debell

When you heard that you weren’t required to wear a mask anymore what was your reaction?

“I was like, wow, because it felt so soon, But I felt like it wasn’t going to last long because people can be irresponsible when they’re wearing no masks, like abusing their power.”


Do you Prefer to wear a mask or not?

“I prefer not to wear a mask, I just prefer it because I like to breathe properly”


Are you afraid you might catch anything such as COVID-19?

“I already caught COVID once, but if I get it again, then oh well.”


Do you agree with people who wear masks?

“I full heartedly agree with them, I see why they do it and that’s their point of view on the situation, I just personally do not like to wear a mask, I’m not against wearing masks I would wear a mask in public if like anyone asks me to wear one, but I just don’t want to wear a mask.


How would you feel if we had to go back to wearing masks?

“I would not really mind or care if I had to wear a mask again.