Kai Meyer(9) wears a mask

Kai Meyer


When you heard that you weren’t required to wear a mask anymore what was your reaction?

“ I felt like I was still going to wear a mask because COVID-19 is still a thing and people can still catch it.”


Do you Prefer to wear a mask or not?

“I prefer to wear a mask because my mom is 50 and y’know she can get sick from something like COVID-19 really easily, My family also feels the same way about mask


Are you afraid you might catch anything such as COVID-19?

“No because I have always been wearing a mask”

Do you agree with people who wear masks?

“I don’t really care what other people do with their bodies, like it’s really not any of my personal business, they can not wear a mask if they don’t want  to, I just feel a little uncomfortable when people with no masks come close to me.  


How would you feel if we had to go back to wearing masks?

“I wouldn’t mind honestly, because I have still been wearing my mask”