Recalling Memories

Sammi Meza, Interviewee

What do you think about Field Day?

“I think Field Day is a fun day where teachers and students get to bond together over athletic activities.”


How would you feel if Field Day happened here?

“I don’t know how I’d feel honestly. It would be a good thing for a lot of students but a lot of other students might feel depressed that they can’t perform as well as others.”


What would you like to see in this Field Day if AHS does one?

“If AHS does one, I definitely want them to bring back the Parachute cause that was a lot of fun–I have a lot of memories of that. And Scooter or Wheelchair races were a lot of fun as well!” 


Do you think Field Day can impact our school?

“I think Field Day can impact our school in both positive and negative ways. Positive being it would be stress relief, it could be a chance for students and teachers to bond closer with each other–you can think of each other as more like friends. The negative aspect would be that people might start focusing more on that instead of their own personal studies.”


Can you describe what Field Day is?

“Field Day is a day of laughter. It’s a day where students get to just be themselves, be silly, have fun–just be kids without getting in trouble for–without getting yelled at for. They can just have fun with their friends and a couple of their favorite teachers!”