Girls Soccer Gives Some Feedback

The Girls soccer season is coming to an end with only a few games remaining but the girls have created some great moments so far. This season has had many ups and downs, wins, losses, but most importantly, they have created a family-like environment. I was able to interview a team member from each grade level and see what they think the team needs with just a few games left in the season. Freshman, Maggie Martinez was the first person I was able to question. I asked “ How are the coaches pushing the team?” Maggie then stated, “ The coaches have been very encouraging and helpful. They have wanted us to try new positions and tell us what we need to work on, without being harmful.” The second question I was able to ask was what Martinez thought the team could work on. She said, “ More communication. We really need to use our voices.”. The final question that was asked was about how the team should play in overtime. The team has had a few overtime losses. Maggie said this, “ We all need to find a second push and get some energy. If we find this, we can win.”. 


“What is something you can tell the team needs?” is the question I asked Sophomore, Jessica Vasquez. Vasquez stated, “ There isn’t a lot of talking on the field. We need to communicate way more.” The next question I threw at the sophomore was about the team’s morale. Jessica stated, “ The team’s morale is very strong. We all get along so well and have so much fun every single day.”  I then asked Jessica if the team needs to be stronger in the first half or the second half. Vasquez said, “ Definitely the first half. We start off a little slow and aren’t warmed up yet. We just need to amp up our energy from the start.”. 


I was then able to question Junior, Neveah Castaneda. I asked her, “What is keeping the team motivated?” The Junior said, “ Since we have such great chemistry and know each other so well, we all want to win together which pushes us.”. I then asked Neveah a similar question to what I asked Jessica. I also got a similar answer.  “Does the team play better in the first half or second half?” Castaneda said, “ Definitely the second half. Our energy in the first half is not great.”. The final question I asked the Junior was on how she feels the team is performing. She said “ I think we are doing good. We have a lot of talent and skill. We just need to show it more on the field.”. 


The last player I was able to question was Senior, Maryan Francisco. As the team just came off of a loss, I asked her what the team learned, despite the unwanted outcome. The 2023 graduate said, “ Although we lost, we all learned to take it and be good sports. We didn’t let the loss get to us and we are going to improve.”. I then asked her how the team plans on playing against their next opponent. Francisco said, “ We are going to push ourselves harder and use all of our newly learned skills to our advantage.” The last question I got the chance to ask Maryan was what she thought the team needs to work on, before she moves on with her next chapter. The senior said “ We need to support each other more and push each other more. We need to help each other in every way possible and show the best in all of us.”. It was great to get to hear from the senior. She knows what’s best for the team and everyone here at Arvada can see that.


It was absolutely great to hear from the team and see what they think is best for them. With Some important games coming up, the girls hope to collect a few wins in the regular season. Although the Postseason isn’t possible, the girls have a lot to be proud of. They have had some amazingly entertaining games, multiple beautiful goals and have shown lots of great dedicated, hard work. We all look forward to what the team can produce next season. Go Bulldogs!


Photo By: Aleksis Baca