Christian Athletes


Created by: Laryssa Diaz

Laryssa Diaz, Managing Editor

Some athletes in Arvada have a close relationship with God and bring that into their everyday lives. They also look to him in times of hardship and trouble in their sports and know that can overcome challenges no matter how hard they get.

According to soccer player Ashley Reveles-Mendoza(12) and football player and track athlete Joziah Barajas(11) their faith as Christians doesn’t affect them when they are playing but it helps them.

“I think it affects me as an athlete through confidence and the way I play. Because everything is through Christ, and every moment I play I think of Jesus Christ himself because of his sacrifice and his bravery; so I try to have the same mindset,” Barajas(11).

When it comes to facing a challenge while playing they both refer back to prayer and their Bible verses as it helps them stay strong and keep pushing.

“Usually I pray about it because if I know it’s really gonna affect me I’ll pray and say ‘God take this feeling out of me’ because it mostly happens when I’m playing in the game,” Reveles(12).

Joziah Barajas was faced with a large challenge right before his football season that was supposed to be one of his best seasons of his high school football career. He went back to his faith knowing that he could get through this challenge and God would be there to help him.

“A time I faced a challenge was when I got my injury back before the [football] season, I tore my hamstring and it was right before I started my junior year; it was supposed to be really big. I was working throughout the summer and two weeks before the first game I tore my hamstring and also had an ankle injury. I had resorted to God in that he would help me push through it,” Barajas(11).

Both of these athletes look to God and their faith when faced with a challenge or just because they know it will always be there for them. They pray before and during games to keep in mind that what they are doing is for a reason, for protection, and for focus. These two are strong leaders in the athletic community and strong followers of their faith.